Vacuum evaporation installations

The purpose of a vacuum evaporator is the concentration of dissolved contamination and the distillation of purified water from waste water. Based on practical experience, Wazutec only recommends the installation of evaporators if the waste water cannot be treated in any other way. The main reason for this is that the operating costs per m3 of waste water are often lower when other types of installation are used. To use a vacuum evaporator effectively, there must be a guaranteed negative pressure of 80 mBar. Excellent applications for vacuum evaporators are those in which both the condensate and the concentrated concentrate flow can be re-used. A vacuum evaporator can be used in surface treatment, for example on hard or polished chrome bath series. Such an application is also justified in very saline, toxic, compound-forming rinse water. The operating calculation makes the difference here. Should you wish, Wazutec can carry out this kind of calculation on your behalf. To enquire, please contact Wazutec.