Ion exchange is used for the removal of concentrated acids and certain heavy metals in water, for example to remove the last traces of a particular heavy metal. This is done using an ion exchanger. This ion exchanger contains resin. When the contaminated water flows along the resin pellets, the contaminated particles (ions) attach themselves to these pellets. In this way, the contamination is absorbed by the resin as it were. The undesirable (negatively charged) ions are exchanged for other (positively charged) ions which are released from the resin. Wazutec has a great deal of expertise and practical experience in the field of ion exchange in the surface treatment industry. We treat flows such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, chromic acid and phosphoric acid process bath liquids.



Industrial Ion exchangers with individual pneumatic valves and individual software programme.
Materials: PVC, Polyester-PVC. Special applications based on individual laboratory research.
Capacities: 100 m3/h – single lane/double lane – manual or automatic remote control.

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