Water treatment installations

Wazutec has been treating wastewater for many years with the help of water purification plants. Basically, a water purification system is the system in which the polluted water is cleaned. Water purification plants come in many types and Wazutec offers customers various options. Depending on the situation and treatment method, Wazutec will work with a customer to find the most suitable solution. Quality is paramount in the design of the water treatment installations.


Custom water treatment installations

Wazutec is characterized by a broad knowledge in the field of water purification installations. This enables us to make small installations, but we are also familiar with large and complex structures. Wazutec has many years of experience in the industry, which is one of the reasons why we have already designed and built many different water treatment installations. Wazutec offers customers both reliable techniques and innovative methods. For example, we combine existing techniques for drinking water production or process water production with innovative electrochemistry.


Water purification installation: Own design and development

A good example of the application of innovation in wastewater treatment is the patented electrochemical process ELFLOX®. The ELFLOX® is a water purification installation in which eleven physico-chemical processes are simulated simultaneously by passing electricity through the wastewater. As a result, the contamination in the water goes through a number of phases. Highly reactive iron provides emulsification, oxidation, reduction, coagulation and floatation. Precipitations are formed after the flotation and decomplexation. In this way, up to one billionth (!) Gram per liter of contamination is removed from the wastewater. This is how we separate every waste particle.


More information about water treatment installations

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