Using BASIC®MEM membrane filtration for waterfiltration: compare to Sandfilters 

Filtration of water by Sandfiltration

Fitration of solids from water, we use it since ages.  The quality of the filtrated was minor but we had no other processing. We optimized the filtration with the filtration aid we had, based on practice experience.  Experts made this treatment to the best there was, especially for the drinking water production for big cities and protected these of deceases.

Common at 2020 Sandfiltration is a satisfactionairy final filtration for drinkingwater purposes. Not all pollution in natural waters will be held back by the media sand in sandfiltration installation applications.


Filtration of water:  To be superior than using Sandfilters

Do we have to filtrate other waters, from another source, in those cases familiar experience can not be used and you have to see what other applications bring. As example, do we have to separate remains from sewage waters, or partly treated Domestic Wastewaters, in that cases another kind of   filtration must be available, more efficient and at a lower OPEX- cost.

Sandfilters are not suitable to filter fine particles smaller than 0,01 millimetre. Despite, there are people who do not recognize this limit. But in fact, we all wish to filter even smaller particles.  But not too small with moe fine sands, because the danger of fast clogging appears. And this is not acceptable.


Pollution and particles enlarge + filtration, a typical application from Wazutec

Maybe, before we filtrate, we should enlarge and avoid sticky particles. Avoiding any clogging. If this is possible, we are able to filter, without the fearing of having extra maintenance and replacement costs.

Wazutec Watertreatment BV i a specialist in this field. The particles we create, do need sizes bigger than 0.000.100 mm. At this level we filter liquids like water, brackish and seawater. The tiniest particles need no bigger size. We have several techniques for creating this. Not for a couple of days. No for continuous operating, 24/7.

Separation in BASIC®MEM installations

With this article we tell you only about filtration. What will it be, if we filtrate particles of 0.0001 mm.  We reject more than 100 times smaller partcles than any sandfilter. To understand: Sandfilters will reject only particles lager than 5 microns. Remains all partcles smaller than 5 microns in water. These give waters a colour, if enough species are available.

Wazutec Watertreatment BV, concentrated their selves on Membrane filtration with split of        0.0001 mm.  With a normal behaviour of solid/water we filtrate easil all that solids/ oily substances ( de-emulsified)  from the water.  And again mentioned:  24/7.

Our membrane filtration has a 20 –times better filtration capacity as the best  plastic membranes. Even 50% more than ceramic membranes. Because we do not use crossflow, we don`t press the water over membrane material, the filtration is always smooth.   We do not heaten the water by lost pumping energy, we don`t need to cool down. Average transmembrane pressures are below 0.2 -0.3 Bar.

You may compare our membrane medium with usually membranes, but we don`t have the discomfort like clogging and eldering like polymer and ceramic membranes.  The membranes have a technical lifetime of at least 20 years, under normal operational circumstances. Others 4- 10 years.


Differences between all other membrane filtrations

The permeate is been sucked trough the membrane material. Because magnificent performances of Silicium Carbid, a very hydrofil character we operate at average 0.2 -0.3 Bar. In case of drinking water applications, we operate at 0,03 B Transmembrane pressure. (As pretreatment used ELFLOX®) Membrane capacities of > 1.300 lmh.

Low TMP`s don`t stress the olids or living aid.  What is held back will not be damaged.  The liquid phase gets not warmed up. So no cooling device   needed. Do you recognize what amount of energy you save?  Because of low volume of backwash water needed, there is no loss of water and energy in the water. Swiming pools.


Differences between BASIC®MEM and sandfiltration

Below you see the advantages related to closed sand filtration. Sandfilters are used for Waterfiltration, rinse water treatment, effluent polishing, wastewater treatment and specific chemical industries applications. Recycling of water is practise for Wazutec Watertreatment BV for more than 10 years. Different applications for Domestic Wastewater treatment we don`t name those, because it is another world of treatment.  But no use of Poly electrolytes and removing micro plastic it is all practise.


Remarkable Advantages:  Better filtration and lowest OPEX  costs

Capacity:          BASIC®MEM   up 2.000 ltr/ m2 / Bar TMP, temperature dependent

Capacity:          BASIC®MEM per m2 room arear:  20 m3/m2 room arear

Capaciteit         Sandfilters with max filtration 10 micron:   7-8 m3/m2 filtration surface

In operation:                            BASIC®MEM              > 99,8 % of the filtration time

                                               Sandfilter                 ca 97,9 % of the filtration time

Compact built:                         BASIC®MEM             80 %  less than sandfilters

                                               BASIC®MEM             20 m3/m2 room arear

                                               Sandfilter                 4,4 m3/m2 room arear (av.  diameter 2,8 m)

Less service:                          BASIC MEM                > 80% less service during the year

                                                 Sandfilter maintenance:     12 hours / year 

         BASIC®MEM  2 hours / year

Max concentrating degree:      up to 55 gr/ltr,

Less Backwash water needed:              > 98% and no separated vessel for Backwashwater

                                               BASIC®MEM    12 ltr back wash water / m2 membrane/ day

                                               Sandfilter  ( 1 x/ day)     5.000 ltr/m2 sandsurface/day

Less energy use:                   > 70 % related  to sandfilters

                                               BASIC®MEM pump    150 m3/h    ca 2,2 kWh.

                                               Sandfilter pump   150 m3/h  ca 8 kWh.


Dependent the application: BASIC®MEM SDI 20 ca 3.   So applicable before Reverse Osmosis. Any sandfilter will not face this value. The operating costs are very low. De differences between BASIC® MEM and sandfilters are viewed in the column “Remarkable Advantages”.  Per application differ the data because of the filtering/membrane filtering characteristics. BASIC®MEM membrane is custom made designed and built up to a capacity of 4000 m3/h and 24/7 applications.  It is a Dutch product, a Wazutec Watertreatment BV product.

Are you interested in the possibilities of the BASIC®MEM or in a trial installation?