First of all, we want to emphasise that a correctly developed and well-installed installation requires little maintenance. However, every water treatment installation requires maintenance. Installations which receive no maintenance eventually develop faults and cease to fulfil their requirements. That’s why we attach great importance to maintenance and we have the right expertise for it here in-house. Subjecting your installation to regular maintenance can you save you considerable costs in the long term.


Maintenance of your installation consists of the electrical installation, the mechanical process (what is understood by mechanical process?) and the software element. We repair all types of software and can often provide PC modules if these are no longer available. Our swift response time is an extra service.

We carry out maintenance on our own installations, but also on existing installations, designed and supplied by other companies. We do this on a periodic basis but this is also possible on demand.


Our ELFLOX® installations are fitted with a modem connection so that we can carry out a fault diagnosis at your request. You and Wazutec will know what is wrong with the installation within minutes. This enables a solution to be found quickly and efficiently.