Research & Development

Wazutec has a strong drive to remain in touch with all the latest developments in the field of waste water treatment. Wazutec also carries out its own research. By combining practical experience with insights from research, Wazutec is always able to supply the very latest techniques and services. For the last 20 years, Wazutec has been at the forefront in the development and application of electrochemical (waste) water treatment. By developing its own technologies, such as ELFLOX®, difficult to treat industrial water can now be treated effectively. However, electrochemical treatment has proved very suitable for the treatment of sewage water and surface water. 

Another development with which Wazutec is working is the anaerobic conversion of organically charged waste water at low temperatures (industrial waste water: 70-80 gr  COD per litre). Development of installations for the market follows the stated objectives.



ELFLOX® is currently (august 2020) used in installations with a capacity of 4000 m3 per hour. Drinking water installations up to a capacity of 6000 m3 are also suitable for its use. This relates to the pre-treatment of seawater for subsequent desalination using Reverse Osmosis. Wazutec is also constantly seeking smarter ways of combining established techniques in order to achieve better results.


Examples of these are:

  • Fresh water treatment for the production of process water or drinking water
  • Sewage water treatment with ELFLOX®
  • Industrial water re-use using ELFLOX®
  • Reduction in swimming pool water consumption up to 95% of normal consumption.
  • Long life applications of Silicon Carbide membrane installations to enable the re-use of water or chemicals in ultra or micro membrane filtration. (90 degrees Celsius)
  • (Vacuum) evaporation of aqueous components or chemicals