About Wazutec

Specialist in watertreatment

Wazutec Watertreatment was established in 1999 by Bert Snijder. Since then, our focus has been on the development of high quality and sustainable installations to treat waste water. The waste water treatments from Wazutec are characterised by their custom designs, sustainability and innovation. Quality is a common theme throughout all project stages. Wazutec specialises in the application of electrochemical solutions, physical-chemical installations and aerobic and anaerobic treatment methods. In consultation with our clients we define the problem scenario and formulate the objectives. On that basis, and on the basis of any pilot tests, we determine the design, production and implementation of the installation. You can come to us for bespoke advice, but also for maintenance of your installation and the development of trial installations. With around 30 years practical experience in various industries, we can provide you with the total package, from design, construction and installation, right through to the maintenance of the installations. Even if your waste water treatment installation has not been supplied by Wazutec, we can carry out your maintenance and supply spare parts for your installation. We operate all over the world, not just in the Netherlands. Interested in finding out more about Wazutec? We would be happy to answer any of your questions.


Bert R. Snijder



Hasselt – Zwolle 

Brouwersgracht 19/20
NL- 8061 GN Hasselt
phone:  +31 (0)38-4773397 
e-mail: snijder@wazutec.com