Elflox® with Basis® Mem installation

The treatment of water is often a difficult process. For example, contaminations in water are almost always very small and not visible to the naked eye. If you want to purify water, it takes a lot of time and effort and is expensive. Wazutec makes the contamination visible by clumping the minute particles of contamination in the water into tiny balls. When this water then passes through a fine filter, most of the contamination is removed. Put simply, this is how ELFLOX® with BASIC® MEM works.

Revolutionary form of water treatment

ELFLOX® is the name of a technique in which current passes through the contaminated water. Steel plates are placed in the tank containing the water. The current releases small particles of iron from the steel plates. A natural reaction then takes place: a hundred thousand or so particles of iron attach themselves to originally contaminated particles within a second. Due to the high concentration of reactions and many mechanisms which occur, the ‘balls’ are formed. In reality, these balls are only a millimetre in size. The result of this process is two recognisable flows: sludge particles (the balls) and the water phase.

The performance of this porous stone membrane is many times greater than standard membranes

The amount of current determines the size of the sludge particles. The lower the current, the smaller the particles. At the same time, small particles are more difficult to remove from the water. The sludge particles are removed from the water by using a membrane. The combination of the size of the holes in the membrane and the size of the sludge particles must be fine-tuned for the optimum result. The ELFLOX® technique makes it possible to create the correct-sized sludge particles with the minimum amount of electricity. The sludge is then separated through a porous stone membrane. The performance of this porous stone membrane is many times greater than standard membranes. This is because the iron is easily separable in this type of membrane.

An additional benefit is that the use of chemicals is often eradicated.

ELFLOX + BASIC® MEM installation runs on solar power

Wazutec has experience in the treatment of various types of water, such as: canal water, seawater, river water, sewage water and all types of industrial waste water. Common applications are the pre-treatment of seawater to prevent fouling, the removal of humic acid and the removal of contamination in sewage water. The quality of treated water is the same as the standards for drinking water. In the development and testing phase, the entire installation is adapted to become a water treatment installation which is capable of producing water 24/7. If the ELFLOX + BASIC® MEM installation is upscaled by lacing several installations next to each other, a capacity of 4000 m3/h can be achieved.

A unique feature of this method of water filtration is that the use of current is so minimal that the installation can operate on solar power.

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