Tailored advice

Due to our years of experience in various industries we have a good basis for advising our customers. We are familiar with various practical applications and boundary conditions, as a result of which can provide focused, bespoke advice. This includes advice on expansion, renovation or optimisation of treatments but also support for licensing processes. 

We can also provide advice on:

  • Design assessment of complex waste water treatment (technology/design/costs/planning)
  • Industrial waste water treatments for all main industries.
  • Problem solving for complex treatments.
  • Detail engineering
  • Process water production systems from mains water or surface water
  • Re-use of process water and circulation systems (waste water-free production)
  • Drinking water production
  • Groundwater decontamination
  • Rain water treatment
  • Start-up time extension for Process baths in Surface water treatment
  • Quality issues in the field of surface water treatment
  • Automation and Management system integration of industrial waste water treatment installations
  • Water treatment maintenance planning