Membrane filtration

With membrane filtration, substances are filtered from the water using a membrane. Which substances are allowed or not allowed to pass through, depends upon the size of the pores in the membrane and the pressure of the water. Wazutec Watertreatment has a solution for both relatively fine and super fine filtration. You can come to us for micro membrane filtration, ultra membrane filtration and nano membrane filtration.


Micro membrane filtration

Our micro membrane filtration installations are ideally suited to filtration in effluent flows. By this method, the filtered water is re-used during the process. Several examples of our applications are: emulsion separation from degreasing baths, solid substance removal from treated water and mercury removal from salt water. Capacities: from 2 m3/h to 40 m3/h Filtration at 0.12 micron.


Nano membrane filtration

Nano membrane filtration is a filtration process that forces contaminated water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. The water that is forced through the membrane is called the permeate. The part of the water that does not flow through the membrane is concentrated with substances that cannot pass through the membrane and is called brine. The semi-permeable membrane is often made from materials which have a negative charge. Here also, the amount of charge to the membrane surface dictates the speed of contamination of the membrane. The prevention of contamination and the selection of the correct membrane is an art in itself.

Depending on the membrane material, the membranes are effective in blocking particles, no matter how fine, dissolved elements, multiple charge ions, bacteria, parasites, viruses and algae. In addition to ordinary blocking, blocking also depends upon the charge and the water-retaining interactions between the membrane material and the contamination. Differences in the distribution of contamination in the water to be filtered, molecule structure and the total charge variances in the membrane material also determine the degree of contamination blocked.

On this basis, the contamination in the water must be reduced as much as possible by correct pre-treatment before the use of nano membrane filtration. More contamination naturally leads to quicker blocking of the semi-permeable material surface. The ELFLOX® Electro Chemical pre-treatment is a speciality of Wazutec Watertreatment BV. Elflox reduces the contamination to zero and positively influences the permeability of a Nanofiltration membrane. A combination of these techniques always leads to the re-use of water, even in areas where water shortages prevail. The re-use of water for production processes and to create drinking water from sewage water.


Ultra membrane filtration

The ultra membrane filtration installations from Wazutec are always custom-designed. We always test your waste water thoroughly using a pilot study, in order to arrive at the most efficient design.  It is also evident from practice that ultra filtration systems are very suited to remote control. Wazutec has a great deal of experience in the treatment of waste water using ultra membrane filtration. An example of this is the treatment of rinse water contaminated with an alkaline water in oil emulsion. Wazutec uses membranes in which the ageing of the membrane material is not a factor. We use PVDF and silicon carbide membranes or activated carbon composites. Capacity: 200-500 m3/h purified water yield.

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You can contact us worldwide for tailor-made advice, the development of (test) installations and maintenance of your installations. Feel free to contact us via +31 (0) 38-4773397 for more information about membrane filtration or the application possibilities.