The best available technique for the treatment of water or waste water

ELFLOX® technology is characterised by the treatment of water using the minimum input of direct current. Using direct current, you can treat your waste water more intensively than for example with chemicals alone. The ELFLOX® process was designed by Wazutec ourselves, based on electrochemical processes in which variations in electrical charge (oxidation and reduction) are very important. The electricity ensures the removal of heavy metals and micro-organisms and micro contaminations from the water. Colloids are also separated and other charged particles and emulsions removed. ELFLOX® has been designed with the aim of minimum consumption of basic raw materials and other sources, such as energy and water.

ELFLOX® has been designed with the aim of minimum consumption of basic raw materials and other sources, such as energy and water.

A variety of contaminations removed in just one treatment

This technology is suitable for industrial waste water, sewage water and surface water (such as river water, brackish water and seawater). The ELFLOX® waste water treatment system removes a wide range of contaminations in only one treatment. Following treatment, industrial waste water is re-usable in your processes or is suitable for discharge into the sewage system. For sewage water, there are three options following treatment: the treated water is discharged safely into open waters, suitable for re-use as processing water or even as the raw material for the production of drinking water. If surface water, such as brackish water or seawater is treated with EFLOX® technology, this is often as a pre-treatment for a Reverse Osmosis installation to prevent contamination (fouling) of the membranes.


ELFLOX®: a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution

Traditional waste water treatment systems often use various techniques. The main advantage of using only one treatment is that it is cheaper. When the ELFLOX® system is commissioned, the average production costs of clean water are around € 0.15/m3 waste water (depending upon the installation’s capacity). For lightly contaminated water, around 20 Watts per m3 of waste water and for lightly contaminated industrial water the capacity increases to approximately 60 Watts per m3 of waste water. Because no chemicals are used in this technique, ELFLOX® is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. The technique has been in use since 2000. Some practical examples are: the treatment of diluted oil/water emulsions; colloids; removal of algae from seawater; removal of heavy metals, dead bacteria and viruses and the immobilisation of silicates in their entirety. In sewage water, we remove 80% of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in a very short timescale.

Why Elfox ? 

  • low costs
  • no chemicals required
  • low maintenance
  • little supervision required, easy to use
  • possibility of treating large variations in waste water
  • lasting and traceable results
  • minimal sludge production
  • simultaneous treatment of many contaminants
  • water reuse
  • small footprint
  • installation sizes go up to 4000 m3 per hour!

Would you like to know whether you can use ELFLOX® in your process?

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