Lamella settling tank

A Lamella settling tank is the separation phase of a decontamination process. Wazutec uses the slatted settlement tank for the separation of solid material from the liquid phase using settlement. By placing packs of plates in a square tank, a lot of waste water can be treated in a relatively restricted area. We design and manufacture Lamella settling tank to fit the customer’s exact requirements. A Lamella settling tank is therefore also designed according to a customer’s predicted dry matter content. Connections, flow configurations and sizing are all done in-house by Wazutec. The solid substance removal also takes place automatically via a PC control unit. The Lamella settling tanks are also used in our ELFLOX® installations.


Lamella settling tank specifications

  • Coated steel St37, AISI304. AISI316 or higher Plastic PP or HDPE or in concrete basins.
  • Up to 12 m3 / h standard available.
  • Plate packages Oil refinery world standard. Material Polyester PP or AISI 3116
  • Coalescher Patent lamellae in AISI 316 and PP
  • Lamella separation in closed pressure systems.
  • Capacities up to 150 m3 / h per unit.

Curious about the operating costs of a Lamella settling tank for your waste water?