Scrubber systems

Scrubber systems are used to wash harmful residual airflows. Gas is removed from harmful substances using absorption. A scrubber systems neutralises contaminated substances by placing the waste flow in contact with a washing liquid. Examples of harmful residual airflows are acid and alkali vapours originating from process baths and work areas. Substances to which gas washing can be applied include: nitrous, hydrochloric, chromic, sulphuric, phosphoric vapours and degreasing vapours. Depending upon your situation this may take place in vertical columns or horizontal washers. In some cases, the heating of the washing liquid is necessary to guarantee the quality of the effluent.

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Gaswasser Sulfuric Acid Amsterdam


Execution: HDPE, PP or polyester inlined.
Operating costs: Depending on the type of contamination. Wazutec gladly calculates the costs of an installation for you.
Extra: Including suction systems and push-pull extractors


Applicable to:

Nitrous vapours, hydrochloric acid vapours, chromic acid vapours, sulfuric acid vapours, phosphoric acid vapours, degreasing vapours